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easy to use, immersive room acoustics solution & data analysis.


Creatune is an application that provides the designer with a real-time experience with a headset, which presents the materials to be used in every area where acoustic design application is needed, the auditory experience of the area designed within the application, and the technical data of the results of this design.


  • It is available on macOS, Windows, Android and IOS devices.

  • It can be run as a plug-in in Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Studio One, Unity, Unreal Engine, 3D Max, Cinema 4D, Blender, After Effects and similar programs.

  • It can be run from first person, third person and edit mode perspectives.

  • Wav, mp3, files can be imported.

  • By configuring Input\Output, any reference source can be experienced with simultaneous simulation.

  • Technical information of the designed scene and applied simulation can be extracted in pdf format.

  • Created scenes can be shared with other users as .ct files and can be run on other platforms.


  • Before the physical implementation of the acoustic design, the user can experience the result that may occur.

  • To be a helpful tool for the courses in physics, sound engineering, architecture, construction and other structural and visual design fields at associate, undergraduate and graduate levels to understand acoustic design,

  • Providing and experiencing much more realistic acoustic data to users and designers working with game engines and other visual design applications,

  • Ability to work with all professional audio-visual design programs thanks to a plug-in format,

  • Real-time control of acoustic variables in the room with head-tracking method and first-person mode, thus providing the necessary environment to the user digitally for a much more detailed calculation.

  • To help the sound design of VR, AR, Metaverse and similar digital structures in a natural and realistic way,

  • With the ability to develop open source presets and presets that can be created by designers and users, sharing and applying the acoustic properties of an already existing room,

  • Providing the user with technical information, showing the interaction of sound with objects and materials,


​Today's developing technology and virtual reality have brought the audio design needed in the field of visual design to a much more important point. Creatune provides support to professional and amateur users in the design of building and space acoustics, as well as providing solutions for visual narration being valid and for the virtual reality to be natural and realistic in its auditory elements in the studies carried out for a more natural performance. The fact that acoustic elements can be processed in this simplicity and correctly will provide a serious convenience in terms of economy and time in projects related to art, technique and aesthetics.


  • To be one of the first methods that come to mind in acoustic design, which can be used simply by all professional and individual design fields.

  • To contribute to the development of these disciplines by performing the examples needed by the topics related to sound science in the academic field.

  • To create an environment where application users can display and discuss their ideas, suggestions and individual works, thanks to the open source interface, and thus become a more permanent, useful and constantly updated digital product in this field thanks to the updates to be brought.

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