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For years, we have worked in the field of sound design and music composition for productions and games. Today, we are developing our own software to improve the discipline of sound engineering and music production.

Meet VU GAME ATMOS, which is compatible with developing AR/VR projects, game and gamification projects, and software, and works in harmony with engines and sound stations with a user-friendly interface in music production, sound design, and soundscapes design."

Check out more about this mini computer at https___commodorepetmini_edited.jpg

Soundtral produces three-dimensional sound libraries that are needed in virtual reality, gaming, gamification, film, and TV series.

VU GAME ATMOS is a supporting software that enables the creation and editing of these sound libraries. It can work with all DAWs and game engines.

Soundtral provides the necessary 3D sound libraries in a user-friendly interface, presented in a ready-to-use preset format that a sound engineer or developer can easily use.

- Works with OSX & Windows

- Supports AU, VST, VST3, AAX and .fbx 
- 3D Sound Libraries One shots and loops
- 3D Drone, Envioremental and Soundscapes
- Contains 500 wav, ogg, and B-Formated wav files

- It can be use another samplers & players like Kontakt 
- Open source library. Users can share their own sounds with others in VU pool or Discord Community.

- New sounds every 3 months.

- Easy-to-use 7/24 Customer support.

- 24 bit 44.100 & 48.000 Formats (Plugin version provides only 44.100 Hz format)

This project is still under development. All services, inventions, software, hardware, information, and any kind of data and ideas, solutions, and existing business rights offered by this project are reserved.


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